Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Tree Hunt

This weekend we did our annual Christmas tree "hunt." We went to the Poconos to a farm we've never been to before. In fact, you could say it's somewhat of a famous farm. Back in 2006, the White House Christmas tree was taken from here.

We were welcomed by this guy:
Last minute instructions and glove fix:

Just his size:

I think we found it.....

Some visitors use the farm's chainsaw crew, but Bill came equipped with his muscles:

He had lots of help:
Mission accomplished:
When I was growing up a friend of mine and her family traveled from the Philadelphia area to the Poconos to cut down their Christmas tree. I alway thought this was CRA-ZY considering you could just go to any street corner and get a tree. Even this time I was thinking that somewhat when we were dealing with the grumpy one who was hungry, the desperate one who had "to go", and the weepy one who was upset we didn't decide on the tree she wanted. But it really is a blast doing this together, and even those slight blips in the day add to the memory. So to quote my mother, "Don't knock it 'til you try it!"

And here is the finished product....TA-DA!!

Just a tad too big to fit the star on correctly, but all in all it's a darn good tree. 


  1. Funny star. made me chuckle. Love the thought of cutting down a tree and a little too expensive for us:/

  2. It's a great tree! I used to love going to cut down our tree.

  3. Looks great! We always have fun wandering through the field of trees to find the perfect one. We make the boys look and look and look just to make it a "big event". It's always funny to hear them yell "timber" when Jason cuts it down. Keri

  4. Beautiful tree and what a precious family!

  5. Nice tree! We got ours but haven't decorated it yet - my daughter has a bad stomach bug :( Hopefully tomorrow though!