Thursday, March 29, 2012

In A Funk

It's been one of those days, weeks, months. 

Not sure where this stems from.  Not getting enough sleep?  Not running? Not praying enough?  All of the above I believe.  So why, if I know the answer, is it so hard to fix?  It's so much easier to just feel bad sometimes.

Things came to a head this week with a nasty bug, a temper tantrum by Matt in the Barnes and Noble during a school fundraiser where EVERYONE stared, and enough after school events to make my head spin.

Stop the world....I want to get off.

So, I have no positive, inspiring messages in this post.  I'll be back when I get rid of the "blahs"....hopefully real soon.


  1. I'm sorry you're still in a funk. I'd like to blame it on not seeing your oldest and dearest friends as often as you should, but that may not be it either .
    Anyway, I applaud you for this post because it makes you " real" .. know what I mean ?
    Too often , people, especially women, do not admit these things because they feel they have some standard to uphold.. whether it be to other moms , or our own moms or mother in laws, other family memebrs, etc.
    And, honestly, I don't care what anyone says, anyone who says they don't have these days is totally lying to themselves and everyone else.
    It's ok to feel this way, and even more ok to admit it. Life is difficult sometimes, and so busy that being overwhelmed, exhausted , cranky some days .. well, I think that's ok .
    You don't have a lot of time for you, let's face it.. you're always doing for someone else.
    I cannot tell you what the solution is, though I am a firm believer in prayer and running to clear my head.. but, I can tell you that I will pray for you and I can promise you this too shall pass, and don't be too hard on yourself.. funks happen
    I love you, just say the word and I'll drive up .. you know I have no problem inviting myself up there !!
    Much love !! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. I don't know what saint said this but it goes something like this:

    It is in the times when we least feel like praying that we need it the most.

    or I've even heard it this way too:

    It is when we don't have time to pray that we need to the most.

    (I need to take my own advice)

    extra prayers for you getting out of the funk! (or desert)

  3. Well, I would say that some time for YOU would probably help! It is the change of seasons. Warm - wonderful! and then suddenly it is cold again - up and down - weather and spirits! Off to "this"; run to "that"; husband busy keeping the country safe; Mom trying to handle it all. Any time for a "date" - or a weekend away? We would be happy to take the chldren the first week that they are out of school, if you and Bill could plan something. Use RH and go visit Annapolis, etc. - or whatever would make things seem brighter. Prayer helps the spirit, but so does a change of scenery! Love, Mom

  4. As the others have commented prayer and a change of scenery helps and others experience funks. I am praying for you and available to do whatever you need.

  5. I ran into your sister-in-law Kate at our high end Hair Cuttery Salon tonight. We covered many topics while waiting but one was our high praise about how much We both enjoy your blog. I then made her laugh with saying what brothers noone can believe your my sister who reads it knowing me and that you will crash and burn someday. Then I saw this blog-not exactly the high drama Burnout but I'll take it !! Now that I can predict the future - I think I may Have the $500m ticket about to be drawn.

  6. I have been there. I always feel that way when we have really busy weeks...I need down time. I hope next week is better!

  7. So sorry that you've been in a "funk" lately, hope everyone in your family is feeling better :) Please call me if you need anything, even a quick laugh :) I'm here for ya, babe! Hope to see you soon!

    Take care :)

  8. So sorry that you've had a difficult week :( Hope U find renewal in spending time outside today, taking in the aroma of new flowers and trees blooming, and being surrounded by joy and smiles :) You're a wonderful person, and a phenomenal Wife and Mother! Sending U lots of love your way, please call me if U ever need anything, even if it's just a quick laugh to get U through your day! I'm here for U! See U soon!