Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Between Ann's birthday and St. Patrick's Day, we had a lot of celebrating (and eating) this weekend.   On Friday morning we had our traditional birthday doughnuts and song. 

This what Ann looked like as Matt blew out her candle.

After dinner Ann chose the "choo-choo train" cake.  I have a cake pan with train car molds and then you decorate it like this:

So we started with all this candy and everyone got their own cake to decorate.

And the finished products:
Saturday we woke up to find that the Leprechaun came during the night and filled our shoes with gold chocolate coins!  We love when he does this!

Our friends John and Mary were coming to visit Saturday night, so we made rainbow cupcakes....our favorite St. Patty's Day treat!  I had lots of help.

And it wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without one of these, right?

Did you get a Shamrock Shake this year?

I am on official junk food overload!  But it sure was fun.


  1. You make me smile! Thank you - we so enjoyed our visit.

  2. You have so much fun with your kids--those are things they will remember forever!

    I wanted to get a shamrock shake and make rainbow cupcakes, but I forgot :(

    Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet girl!

  3. Love those rainbow cupcakes...I'm going to have to try making those with my little fella. And yes, I tried me a shamrock shake this year and loved it. I'm a huge fan! :-)

  4. You are super mom in the kitchen. I am getting a cavity just reading this post ;)