Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oblivious Sometimes

Remember those commercials years ago for teeth whitening strips?   You'd be watching a handsome couple interact and then one smiles and YIKES.....Yellow teeth!  I was always laughing.  How funny, and how could one not realize their teeth were that yellow.  Then I came to the realization that my own teeth were not exactly the whitest either.

Similarly, for years I've been hounding the kids about not making their beds and closing their drawers.  The other day I walked in my own bedroom and saw every one of my drawers opened, clothes hanging out, and my bed not made.

How many times have I looked at things with a critical eye and was oblivious to the fact that I too was guilty of the exact same thing??? Where am I going with this you wonder?

I am here to tell you that I have adjusted the word verification on my blog.  When I leave comments on other blogs I spend so much time trying to figure out what those darn letters are and I always get them wrong!  It has always annoyed me.  Then I realized it's on my blog that way.  Duh!  So, I turned it off.

Now that it's easier, comment-away people!


  1. I am the same way with my kids. I insist they make beds and put laundry away and often my laundry sits in baskets on my floor for days.

  2. Great blog, Kathleen - and I love no words to translate! Your blog reminded me of a day when I went to school to deliver something to your husband when he was in first grade. It was lunchtime recess, and the kids came tumbling out of the school - when I noticed a boy with a hole in the knee of his pants. I wondered, "Who sends their kid to school with one knee ripped out?" Then suddenly, I spied my own little boy with TWO knees ripped out! Morning recess had apparently been quite active!! It taught me never to judge anyone again - a invaluable lesson for life!
    Love, Mom - PS I still haven't figured how to sign in except by using "anonymous!"

  3. LOVE THIS!! I didn't realize I had word verification until someone mentioned it to me!

  4. This is a great lesson to learn and one I need as well. I've been there, too. Saying something to the kids and realizing I do it too!

    Thanks for getting rid of the word verification--I didn't know if it was just me that can never seem to understand what those letters/number are on anyone's blog!

  5. Love the teeth thing...I started using those strips a couple years ago when I saw a picture of me and a friend and next to her I could see my teeth really needed those strips!!

    I changed my word verification thing just for you...

  6. Hi- just found your postings on your blog and this one really hit home! It made me think about why my kids talk to each other or sometimes me the way they do. I am always saying "don't answer me that way or why are you talking so harsh to your sister?". Well after thinking about it, I figured out where they got their tone from. I admit that I am not always in a good mood or very patient with my girls a d MY tone to them often reflects that!! No wonder!! I'm working on that, though :).