Friday, March 23, 2012

Out Of The Mouth Of.....


~While cuddling with me one day I said, "I love you." and his reply was, "I love you too Sweetie."

~Noticing that he's become more independent I said, "You don't need me anymore. I'm going to get a job and go back to work."  His reply, "No, you can't. I still need you to wipe my tush!"

~While desperately trying to get his point across, he grabbed my chin and said, "You my understand?"

~During a bad case of the giggles he says, "Wait, I need to put my laugh away."

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. I love that kid!!! And the other four too!

  2. Oh my HE is SO CUTE!!! "You my understand" reminds me of how my Sicilian grandmother spoke!