Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Concert And A Sacrament

We had some special goings-on here this week.

Mary Kate took part in the All City Orchestra Concert.  Certain children from the different middle schools in the district are asked to be a part of this event.  Two days this week I drove Mary to one of the area middle schools early in the morning.  She spent about 4 hours there practicing with her school and 3 other middle school orchestras.  By the end of the second day, the entire group had practiced 15 songs.  They put on a wonderful concert Wednesday night.  It is amazing to see.  They sounded great.

We are so proud of her!

Thursday night Tommy had his First Reconciliation.

 He was so mad at me for making him wear a suit jacket.  His arguing me was beneficial because up until that point he had "nothing to confess."

We were crunched for time so I made him eat dinner like this.

Grandmom's chicken stew AND her apron.
Seeing him waiting in line near the confessional and watching him breathe a big sigh of relief when he walked out made me want to run up and hug him.  Then watching him kneel on the altar to say his penance made me want to cry.  He looked so handsome and adorable.

Nice job Tom.  We are so proud of you.


  1. Hi Kathleen, 9-year-old daughter pulls that "nothing to confess" thing all the time :)

    I saw your "spam" comment over at Sue's site and cracked up! Of course spam counts! A comment is a comment, right?

  2. Hi! 2 very special events in your must be so proud! Enjoy these special times, friend! : )

  3. You got a much better picture of the girls. I can never see Riley since she's so small. Thanks again for driving the girls. Not just this past week, but every week.

  4. Congrats to both MK & Tom! I am thrilled that MK is continuing her musical pursuits with great success. I am sad that we are not there because my Ellie & Tommy would have made their 1st Holy Communion on the same day. Btw... Ellie was a mess over her confession - she was so scared that she cried before. Thankfully the priests was wonderful with her!

  5. What an exciting week! I would like to hear MK play sometime.

  6. Congrats Tommy & Mary Kate. I'm very proud of you both. MK, can't wait to hear you at Carnegie Hall. Tommy, guys always look better with a suit jacket on. You looked very handsome!!

    Uncle Bob

  7. I am totally cracking up about your son fighting with you being the thing he could confess! That is too cute! Oh, I remember my first Reconciliation and being sooooo nervous! Fortunately, back then it was all behind a window so the priest couldn't see you. I always tried to avoid face to face!

    Your daughter is awesome!!! What a great thing to be a part of!