Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wine And Food Pairing

Our friends John and Mary invited us to their home for their 4th Annual Wine and Food Pairing.  Bill and I, along with 7 other couples from our family prayer group had a fun time.

John and Mary, with son Andy

John and Mary are the best cooks I know and they are wine connoisseurs. (thank you spell-check).  They spoil us rotten every year and we love it!

To see last year's wine and food pairing, click here. 


  1. Is it stalker-ish that I want to be your neighbor and join your prayer group and come to this next year? Ok...maybe just a little! It looks like a wonderful time and by the way...that picture of you with your hubby is beautiful!

  2. Funny!! We are NOT connoisseurs, we just know enough to make you guys THINK we are connoisseurs!

  3. what a blessing to have such friends!! good for all of you. looks like a lot of fun!