Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day ??--Powder Room Redo

What day am I on again?

Today I finally started to prime the walls in the powder room.  I was gung-ho come 9am.  I threw Matthew in front of the XBox (I know, bad mommy), got my supplies out, took my last sip of coffee, and off I went.

I forgot what a joy it is to paint.

*Laying the tarp down but having no luck with it staying in place.

*Trying to find the tool to open the can with. 

*Realizing I forgot to grab a stir stick at the store.

*Not having a step ladder.

*Priming over an area I didn't sand down properly.

*Being unable to disconnect the light fixture and getting paint on it.

*Nearly breaking my back almost falling off the folding chair.

 I'm really looking forward to putting on the second coat of primer tomorrow.  It is really a gift to paint, being lost in my own thoughts.


  1. You make me smile!

  2. Love this, Kathleen! And you make me smile, too! Now if I lived closer, I could come over and help while the little ones played. Or, more likely, I could come over with muffins and coffee and keep you company! : )

  3. Oh Kathleen!! I was laughing so hard while reading this!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I loved this. At least you had that few minutes this morning to look forward to it. I already know how much I hate it and dread the project. But next time I might try the graffiti to see if it makes it any better ;)

  5. You can do it babe...yu have five kids...this should be a piece of cake in comparison ,right? Lol
    Hang in there !!!! :)