Thursday, March 14, 2013

Everyday Happenings

**Our living room, also known as the piano room, is only supposed to be used for those playing the piano or reading.  Aside from those two activities, it is off limits.  However, the girls decided to open up a boutique in there the other day.

**Moving along slowly with the powder room renovation.  Bill rented a wet saw and went to town.  I'm just glad he still has all of his fingers.

Did you catch the sneak peak of the wall color?

**Another child who misuses the living room.

Pine cones used as "trees" for his Legos.
**We are now a 6 gallon a week family.

Holy Cow!  (Pun intended)

**Look who is now taking piano lessons.

This little lady is also having a birthday this Saturday.  We plan on watching Wreck-It Ralph while having a pierogie and chicken tender picnic in the family room as per her request. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Kathleen...I love the boutique! How fun! My favorite? The purses on the fireplace stand...that is so cute...and clever!

    LOVE the powder room color!! Soo pretty! Can't wait to see more pics...I am living this renovation through you, you know that right?

    And Happy Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter tomorrow. Her birthday plans sound perfect.

    Have a great weekend, friend! : )

  2. Oh I am thrilled to see Ann at the piano too! I know she waited a long time for it to be her turn! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the boutique !!! And Happy Birthday to the cutest new piano player in the family!! You know I love that girl !!!



  4. Love the botique! Whatever keeps them busy and happy...well most of the time;)
    6 gallons of milk that is a lot. We go though 2 gallons now I am wondering if my kids drink enough milk.