Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Mr. Plumber

Dear Mr. Plumber,

Thank you very much for coming to our house today.  I know how busy you must be.  You see, when the floor near our dishwasher became warped, and our sink wouldn't drain properly, I knew I needed your help.

The $59 I spent to have you drive over here and ring my doorbell was money well spent.  I mean, when I think of the gas prices these days, it was well worth it. After that, I was only too happy to hear what you had to say and pay you 39 more dollars for your expert diagnosis.

I was amazed that you determined the problem in 30 seconds flat. You didn't even have to take one pipe apart.  How talented you are!  You sure are an expert in your field.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to give you more of my money after you told me you couldn't fix dishwashers.  What a shame.  I was hoping to help you put your kids through college.

Best Regards,



  1. OK..why do I think there is MORE to this story???

  2. Kathleen...I feel your pain... Stuff like that is the worst! And if you don't mind, I am going to copy your letter and keep it for myself. No doubt it will come in handy someday! : )

  3. I get so mad when their labor cost more than the part or just like what you posted they tell you no they can not fix it but you still have to pay them for coming by.

  4. Pretty funny! You should be a writer, Kathleen! It made me consider that we pay our regular doctor to tell us that he/she can't help us - we need a specialist. This year we have paid an "appliance repairman" several times to tell us that he can't help us. We needed a new refrigertator, a new dishwasher, and now a new washer! As a teacher this year at a school that asks for $30,000 a year for elelmentary school, I have been in meetings where the "Dr. of Learning" has told people - sorry your child needs a special school - not us! So goes life! My new Kitchen Aid dishwasher - not the food grinder model - is wonderful. You hear nothing as it does the dishes! Good luck!

  5. I hate when that happens! We had something similar happen to us with our air conditioning unit! I love your sense of humor, though!