Friday, March 8, 2013


I read a headline this morning on the computer that said, "Top 10 Ugliest Celebrities."

I didn't click on it because I was so disgusted.  I imagined it would show celebs without make-up,  or on vacation wearing bathing suits, or a picture that caught someone in the middle of a sneeze. 

Obviously, there is a two-fold issue I have with this.

The first was - Who in the world authorized that article?  What were they thinking?  Have they no conscience?  Being someone who is constantly worried about whether I hurt someones feelings or not, I can't get over what some people have no problem writing or talking about, and how spreading that filth for the whole world to see doesn't concern them.

I thought about all the good in the world and the feel-good articles and stories that get a small section in the corner of a newspaper or computer screen...if any space at all.  If we were seeing this stuff all the time instead of junk, it would make such a positive impact, especially on our youth.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.
--Earl Nightingale

When I am If I am ever First Lady of the United States, this is what my platform will be about.  Unlike Michele Obama's platform which deals with physical health, my platform will promote emotional health....How special all life is, how unique we are, and the good we are capable of matter what we look like.   What do you think?  I just made that up.  Can you tell?

My second issue with this is - those of us who read and fall prey to this stuff.  In the instance like the Top Ten article I mentioned above, we're either sucked into watching it like a train wreck and feeling sorry for them; or worse -- wondering what the world thinks of us and how we look.  I wonder what my daughters would think if they constantly read articles like this one.  Would they want to wear make-up, go on a diet, or quite possibly, be afraid to go out in public?

With all of that being said, there are some things in the news that just beg for attention.  I came across this soon after the first article.  This might possibly be the best example of what I tried to say above.

Bieber.  Are you for real?

Someone tell him that he doesn't need to pull these ridiculous antics.  With all of his fans, money, and material things, something still seems missing. Am I right, Biebs? 


  1. Could not agree more, Kathleen! Well written, my friend...enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great article, Kathleen. People can be so cruel! And I hate what our kids are subjected to these days. My daughter already worries about how she looks and she's nine. She has to get glasses and told me that there was no way she was going to wear them at school because the kids would make fun of her :(