Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Baseball has officially started for all three boys.  Matthew had his first practice on Saturday.  There were tears.  He spent most of the time in the dugout waiting for this torture, also known as T-ball, to be over.

Tommy had a game.  The score was 28-2.  It was a looooooong game.

Billy had a scrimmage.

Next Day:  Easter Sunday

 Some of my side of the family came for dinner.  My sister in law organized the egg hunt.

My niece Eileen and sis in law Kathy

It was a beautiful day all around.

I hope you had a Happy Easter as well.


  1. Easter greetings! Your home looks so inviting and pretty! The pics you took are so precious. How do you get everyone to smile so good? My neighbor took 75 and we only had one it two good ones! Ha ha ha! Such a lovely family you have and I will say it again, so happy fir you that your husband is there full time now!

  2. Happy Easter Babe'
    A beautiful family and I love the peep cake! You and Bill look amazing and I am so thrilled you are together. Mary Kate looks amazing (as do all the kids)...such a beautiful young lady. She reminds me of a school-aged Kathi Black. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good morning, my friend!
    Your Easter looks wonderful...and your family? Beautiful!
    Such great memories made. : )
    You and your hubby.... Love!

  4. Loved seeing all the photos. What a handsome family you all make!

    :) Hope

  5. Happy Easter...thanks for sharing all the pictures. I still am trying to clean blogging till I get the house clean...which might be never!

    Your family looks great...all handsome and pretty!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Love the picture of you and your husband and the picture of your cute kids. :)

  7. Hi Kathleen! (I love that Peep Cake!) Thank you for sharing your Easter. You all look so handsome and beautiful. And how great to be able to spend it with family! I remember the tee-ball days. My son and daughter both played in the summer. My son was really into it, my daughter's team did a lot of cheers for each other.
    That was fun to watch!
    Happy Divine Mercy Sunday,