Monday, April 28, 2014

Ann's First Holy Communion

This past weekend Ann made her First Holy Communion.

It was a beautiful day watching her receive the greatest gift.

During the homily the priest had the children take part in a "treasure hunt".  Scattered around the church were clues representing important symbols of our faith, such as the baptismal font and the Paschal Candle.  Each clue led to the final "treasure"....the Tabernacle.

Ann answered one of the clues correctly and had to retrieve the next clue for Monsignor.

She also took part in the Offertory Procession.

  So proud of that girl.

We had some pretty awesome altar servers that day, too.

Billy and Mary
I also have to mention that big sister Mary helped Ann get dressed for the day.  She did Ann's hair
and put on her veil.  So lucky to have that girl as my helper.

 That special moment of receiving Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist.

Ann's great-grandmother, Mom-Mom

Gran and Gramps!


Our Monsignor!

Our friends John and Mary

Cousins Jason and Eric

God Bless Ann Theresa!
"Blessed are those who are called to the supper of the Lamb." 


  1. Congratulations to Ann! I love how your other kids took part in her special day like this, Kathleen. You have a great family.

  2. Kathleen...
    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter!
    What an amazing day for her, and for your entire family. : )
    You have a beautiful family, my friend.
    And I must add, you looked beautiful! That dress? Perfection on you!

  3. Great pictures! She looks so lovely. Congrats to her and your family. What a special special day. That cake looks awesome!

  4. What a special day!! Thanks for including us...

  5. Congratulations Ann, It was certainly a special day for you. You look so beautiful. We love you. - Love Uncle Bob

  6. Congratulations, Ann Theresa, on such an important day! May God continue to bless you, and may you always remember that he is one Catholic Church away.

    Kathleen, wonderful "story" and beautiful pictures. You have such a lovely family. So happy the day was memorable. I just love sacrament season, don't you?

  7. That looks so sweet. Your family is beautiful. YOU look fabulous! What adorable baby boy cousins. Family is a joyous blessing!

    :) Hope

  8. Congratulations Ann. She looks so cute dressed up for her special day. I love your family picture....beautiful!

  9. Love her ! Looks as if she had a very special day and a great party with your friends and family ! How great that Billy and Mary Kate served too ! Looks like it was a really nice day !

  10. Kathleen and Bill, you both deserve so much praise for all that you do to raise faith-filled children and to provide all of us with the opportunity to celebrate with you. Dad and I were so grateful and felt so blessed to be part of this wonderful day for Ann and the family. Thank you so much! xo