Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here I Am

Have I completely lost any and all followers I ever had?

It's been two weeks since I last posted.  Usually when there's nothing in particular to write about, I do one of my famous "Everyday Happenings" posts.  But to be honest, unless you want to hear how I plucked two gray hairs out of my eyebrow last week, there really is nothing happening.

Well, that's not completely true.  We've been out and about enjoying different social events. (We're popular like that).  I've also spent a lot of quality time with my calendar.  When we're on the cusp of Spring sports things get a little harried for me.  It's not the running around so much as it is the conflicts of who needs to be where when.  When two kids need to be at the same place at the same time, I can get it done.  But, throw in the third, fourth, or fifth kid and I need to be super crafty in my skills. Sometimes those skills include making pancakes for dinner and eating in the car.

I asked Matt today what he liked better--Mornings at home with me, or afternoons at school.  That little bugger said, "Afternoons at school."  Can you even believe it?  The nerve.

Here are some shots Mary took with her tablet while she, Matt, and Ann played "School Picture Day."

Don't you love the scattered pine cone decorations?

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. I love picture day, Kathleen!
    How creative...and cute!
    Don't ever stop sharing your days, my friend.
    I'd have to hunt you down. ; )
    Hugs! Are you getting warm weather? 65 up here today!!!!!!

  2. This follower is always here, always aware of when you've posted something new to come check out (o boy o boy o boy!), and always glad to see your smiling family :)! Happy April!

  3. Love the picture day pictures..

  4. Sorry wanted to also say Happy April!!

  5. I can't believe it how you can keep up with all the sports activities. I only had one child in soccer at a time.

    Cute pictures.

    :) Hope