Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

I received my Mother's Day present a little early this year.

The present- well, it was - a miracle.

You see, on Friday afternoon around 4 o'clock, Tommy was hit by a car.

He was riding his bike on our street, right outside our house.  He didn't stop where there is a stop sign and a driver hit him.  He was thrown from his bike.  He walked away with some scratches.  That's all.  Just scratches.

I was outside on our driveway when I heard the tires screech, and then a loud bang.  I remember seeing my fifteen year old neighbor turn and run towards the car.  The look of horror on her face scared me to death.  Luckily, it was only a few seconds before I saw Tommy running towards me, crying.  He kept apologizing to the driver..."I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry"'; followed by, "Please let this be a dream."

There were so many things that followed in the next few hours:

*The calming neighbor who called 911, spoke softly to me and Tommy, and gave me the much needed hug that made me "lose it."

*The police and EMT's that came and handled everything.

*The young man who hit Tommy-scared and in shock, I think.

*The neighbors who stopped by to make sure we were all okay.

*Ann crying and needing me to hug with her.

*Another neighbor who swooped up my other children and fed them dinner while I took Tommy to the E.R.

* A text from yet another neighbor who had the Bishop from her church and his congregation of 26,000 members pray for Tommy.

*The long wait in the hospital room and the time I had to absorb everything that happened or what could have happened.

*The visit from the young man when we got home to see if Tommy was still okay.  The hug that we shared knowing it could have been worse for all of us.

*The pounding headache and the burning eyes.

*Waiting for Bill to arrive home from a three hour long car ride to tell him what happened and "losing it" all again.

*Having Tommy sleep in between us and our grateful hearts through the rest of the night.

I cried off and on over the weekend. Every time Tommy and I looked at each other we cried and hugged.  In my mind, I keep hearing the crash, the look on Tommy's face, hearing him recall the events in his memory.  It is tough.

I also remember walking out of the ER with paperwork on how to take care of abrasions.  Abrasions!!  Not stitches, not a cast, not even an arm sling.

I also remember the feeling of walking out of the ER with Tommy by my side.  It was the best feeling ever. 

Tommy was riding Mary's bike because he lent his bike to a friend.  When Tommy saw the car coming, he tried to brake using his pedal the ones on his bike.  Mary's bike doesn't have pedal brakes.  I'm not sure if that would have saved him the hit.
The bike was found under the front of the car.

The pictures don't really do the damage justice.  The handle bars just hang loosely and the street has a foot long gash in it, I guess from the bike being dragged.  Not sure how Tommy managed to fly away unscathed, but thanks be to God, he did.

 Here's the happy kid after some ginger ale, crackers, and the reassurance that Mary will not kill him for ruining her bike.

My heart has been going out to all the parents who haven't been so lucky.  In fact, just the day before in a town close to us a boy was killed on his bike by a car.  It has me questioning why we were the lucky ones and what lessons we're supposed to learn from it all.

I hope I figure it all out and repay the debt that I owe for this blessed Mother's Day.


  1. Oh Kathleen...nothing I can say here can even touch the awfulness of your sweet son's accident...but please know how sorry I am that this happened!!! How terrible scary...that being said...I am sooooo happy that your son walked out of there with just abrasions! I am not surprised God sent you a Mother's Day devote your life and your family to Christ and His Blessed Mother...and in doing so are an example of love and faith and trust.

    Hope your weekend had some bit of rest, dear friend...I am always here for you...Hugs...

  2. Oh, my! So thankful that Tommy is okay!!! Do I know how you feel. Our son was in a terrible car accident two years ago this month. I will never forget that call. He, too, walked away from it. It was a miracle. I will forever be grateful to God for sparing my son.

  3. I am grateful that Tommy & everyone is ok!

  4. Oh Praise God! I am so happy everyone is okay.

  5. WOW! Thank God for guardian angels!! What a gift indeed!

  6. Oh Kathleen I am so sorry your family went through this. I am so happy that Tommy was ok. Praying for peace and comfort for you as you work through all of the emotions that are going through.

    Happy Mother's Day friend....

  7. Thanks be to God. My motherly heart just keeps echoing: thanks to God.

  8. So thankful that Tommy is okay. I feel so silly now emailing you about the girls when you were dealing with all of that. Happy belated Mother's day to you!!!

  9. Thank God he is safe. Be well my friend!

  10. I know we just talked about this but reading your words -- wow. Thank God he is alright.

  11. Even reading this again after we texted, I still can't imagine what the family went through. I am beyond thankful all is well. Puts life in perspective for sure


  12. God sent us all a miracle that day. God bless you Tommy. We love you!!!! Uncle Bob

  13. Just got your email now And even knowing everything was fine prior to reading what happened - Wow !! Very emotional Thank God !! On a lighter note- please don't restrict Tommy from riding a two wheeler for a year. I still have Emotional scars riding your tricycle serving out my time!!

    Love you Sweeneys

  14. Oh my! How scary! I am so glad Tommy is okay! What a miracle!