Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teacher's Gift Idea

When Matthew had his last day of preschool last week I wanted to make sure I spent my final, all by myself, two and a half hours doing something I enjoy.  I decided to go to one of my favorite places.

Home Goods.

I love to window shop. I may pick up something here or there with the intention to buy, only to talk myself out of it a few minutes later.  I think Bill should be very grateful for this trait of mine.

Anyhow, I did come across something that I thought would make a cute end of year teacher's gift. 

These tumblers with a summer motiff came two in a box for only $7.99.  Then I filled them with a bunch of packets of tea and lemonade.  Cute, no? 

I may or may not have kept one for myself.


  1. That is TOTALLY cool! I love it.

  2. Clever idea, Kathleen! And I for sure would have kept one for myself! Have a wonderful day, friend! : )

  3. Good idea! I love my "sippy cup" and I think the teachers would love this. Totally stealing it!

  4. O yay. What a great idea. I don't need it for teachers anymore... but I think it would make a great little gift for others for various things, for thank-yous, etc. But I have to say it's most perfect for a teacher heading into summer. And second-most-perfect for a blogger kind enough to share such a "cool" idea with the rest of the world.... :)

  5. Super cute idea! I'm always looking for great gift ideas!

  6. Love this idea! Those cups are really cute.