Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grad Dad

 This past week Bill finished his 18 month Master's program. I honestly don't know how he did this. It was done mostly online, with 2 weeks of classroom work every 3 months out in California. He worked so hard and had it impact the family as little as possible. He often had his face in the computer, but he was here for every event and every good night kiss.

 I wasn't able to fly to California to see him graduate, but I was able to watch it via live feed from the computer. Here he is receiving his degree. I should have turned the flash off.

 Bill got home Saturday morning after a long red eye. Because of the rain our sports activities with the kids were cancelled. We had a relaxing day at home with nothing to do. We decided to play Scrabble. I won't tell you who won, but let's just say you don't need a Master's degree to win.
Here's our finished product. That word "jive" got me 66 points. Impressive, huh?

  The kids made a great welcome home sign and I made a cake.

 I worked painstakingly hard to decorate this cake.

 Late in the afternoon we had a suprise visit from my brother and nephew.

 It was great that they were here to celebrate with us! Thanks for the pop-in guys!

Congratulations Bill. You never cease to amaze me with all you are capable of. I'm so proud of you!


  1. I love that you were able to watch the live feed AND you thought to take a picture! I am so impressed and your kids make the greatest signs! all of you!

  2. Congrats Bill! Your comment about "needless to say you don't need a master's degree to win" cracked me up.... as did you comment about decorating the cake. I love your humor, Kathleen. Congrats again to all of you!

  3. My 1st public comment because i'm in this blog. First off as you already know, I Love love love your blog and pretty much identify with anything you write about the process that goes on in that head of yours. It's a family trait no doubt so i like to think it's not our faults, right? We had a great time with our pop-in visit. It was awesome hanging out with the Grad and his clan. However I did enjoy your "jive" talk about the scrabble win at his expense.
    Keep the blogs coming, they're awesome !
    P.s. Your camera needs maintenace, I am not that gray!
    P.s.s Take that Mary B and Marianne !

  4. Kathleen,
    Your husband sounds wonderful! Congratulations to Grad Dad :)

    By the way, remind me to never let you take a picture of me if your camera adds gray hairs! Lol! And your cake decorating skills are unsurpassed :)

  5. Funny, the names here just struck me when I looked at the comments:
    My real name is Marianne but everyone has called me Mary since birth, I have a sister named Kathleen, and a brother John. I don't suppose you have a Jim or a Julie, do you? You'd complete my whole family!

  6. great job Bill!! FANTASTIC!! WOOHOO!!

    Kath, love the cake, you're too funny!!

    ps.. John, the hair looks great! I cannot believe how big your son is ! he's a cutie!

  7. That cake must have taken HOURS! That's awesome! Congrats to your Dad Grad.