Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20th

  Today is my Mom's birthday. She would have been 72 years old. She's been gone for 12 years now. It's still so hard to believe.

 Here is her high school photo back in 1957:

Words won't do her justice, but she was the most special person I have ever known. She was beautiful, kind, selfless, happy, genuine, graceful, attentive, forgiving, silly, hard-working, loving....the list goes on. She loved our family so much and it was evident in every action she made.

  I was blessed to have her in my life for 29 years. She taught me so much. Two of her biggest lessons was to never settle and to always stay true to yourself. I think that advice helped me become who I am today. I often wish I was more like her, but perhaps she gave me just what I needed to be me.

I love you and miss you Mom!


  1. Oh, Kathleen...I will say a special prayer for you today. So glad you have your memories.

  2. I love that picture from your wedding, but you know that already ! I loved your mom, she was everything you descibed her to be . She would be beyond proud of the woman you are, of the mom you are to your children.
    I'm thinking of you and sending you all my love <3

  3. My thoughts are with you, Kathleen...

  4. Kathleen, the picture of you and your mother is a priceless treasure. It brought tears to my eyes to read your feelings about her and then to see you with her in that special moment. She taught you well about the things that really matter in this life and would be so proud of the mom you are today.

  5. Your Mom was among the first to welcome us back from Military life when we moved back into the Parish in 1975. She and I were classmates in grade school at St Laurence's and graduated in 1953. She was a person whom I enjoyed being with, and we chatted in the church tower after the 0830 Mass every day. In fact, I think of her every time I pass thru there. Mary was a dear friend to both Kathy and me, and one whose memory we hold deeply in our hearts.