Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Rambling...

 Good friends of ours had an extra ticket to the Phillies game tonight. They  invited Billy to go with them. You would not believe how happy this kid was today. He left right after school and won't be home until after midnight. Homework at 6am I suppose. Oh well, I know he'll think it's worth it.

  Since Billy got such a special treat, I took the other kids to McDonald's for dinner. ( I know, you can see right through me. It's really a treat for me to not cook ). We went to the Dangerous McDonald's. You know, the one with the Play Place attached to it. Let me explain where the danger comes in:

 1.) In 3 days at least one of them will be sick, then it will spread through the rest of the house over the next month!


 2.) For the 20 minutes they're playing, I'm stuffing my face with every last nugget and french fry left on the table. UGH! I thought about texting a friend while I was sitting there waiting but I hate  can't stand when parents aren't paying attention to their kids because they have their face stuck in a phone. So instead I shoved food in my mouth like it was going out of style. I wonder how that looked. Someone there probably had their face in their phone texting about me and how gluttonous I was being.

 Bill is away this week. The kids and I were talking about missing him and Mary Kate said, "I guarantee that our Dad is the best dad in the whole world."  Oh Mare, you are so right.
We like to video chat with him when he's away. This is what it looks like:

This is them giving him a fist bump:

Back to Mary Kate. Tonight she was practicing her piano. She's working on the song What Child Is This  for her recital in December. I could tell she was getting frustrated. At one point I heard her shout out "C'mon" and bang the top of the piano. It instantly reminded me of Don Music from Sesame Street. Remember him? He was a piano player and had a hard time rhyming songs and would always shout, "I'll never get it, never!" and then bang his head on the keys. Please tell me you remember. I'll refresh your memory with the video below. Look familiar?

And last but not least, if you need a few extra minutes to do something give your toddler a pad of Post-It notes. This bought me about 5 uninterupted minutes. Nice!


  1. Can I tell you that I seriously cracked up at the piano guy from Sesame Street ?!!! I can recall us laughing about that many times!! so funny!!!
    Anyway, super happy Billy got to go to the game! I hope he had a blast!!!!


  2. LOVE these ramblings.... I was smiling the ENTIRE time!!!!

  3. Love this post!! So, did Billy have trouble getting up for school this morning???

  4. LOVE Don Music! The twins and I just saw that clip of him on one of our DVDs the other day. (BTW I finally figured out how to comment - yeah!)

  5. Haha! You and me both, Kathleen! I have to stay away from McD's! Ours has a playground too and it's highly unlikely that the area ever gets disinfected :)

  6. I love Don Music. I remember giggling every time he banged his head on the keys. Thanks for the memory!