Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not My Cup of Tea

Here's a list of things I'm not fond of.

1) Football. Yes, the season is well underway. I try not to use the word "hate", so let's just say I loathe everything about it. My boys are playing and considering you can knock them down with a feather I'm afraid they'll be hurt. They made  it through the first game last Saturday injury-free. One down, seven more (each) to go.

2.)Big holes in my dining room ceiling. With all this rain we've had we noticed the area above our dining room window seemed "bouncy". Well, next thing I know Bill's taking a screw driver and ripping a hole into the ceiling. There's a leak. Not sure who to call: roofer? handyman? Looks like there's no mold, but when I saw online that there is such a thing as a Mold Inspector I wanted to put him on my speed dial.

3.) Picky Eaters. I decided to try this new recipe for spinach and cheese stuffed shells. I thought they were looking mighty tasty, so I said to Matt, "Do these look yummy or what?" and he answered, "what!".

4.) 1st grade boy kissing my 1st grade girl! Yes, it's true. Ann got her first kiss yesterday in busline from a boy in her class. She then gave him one in return. I must have looked horrified because she quickly came back with, "But Mom, it was only on the cheek!".

Slow down little girl!

Addendum: The kids just got off the bus and I've been told that big brother Thomas has told the 1st grade boy, "Don't kiss my sister ever again." Way to go Tommy!!


  1. Your kids crack me up!! I think the shells look yummy - please send the recipe!!

  2. First off, you do not 'loathe' football. You simply don't understand the subtle beauty of the game. ;)

    And the shells look great. If your kids don't want them, you can drop them off here at any time.