Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lightbulb Moments

 After one month in to the new school year, I've actually acquired some tips that are helping me keep it together. None of these are rocket science and I should have learned them long ago. Before you read any further, don't think you'll be enlightened by any means.

 1. I feel like a better mom when I make my kids pancakes in the morning. There is something about the "WOO-HOO" that I hear from their mouths that makes me feel like super mom. Is that really all it takes? Apparently!

2. If I wear my sneakers ( rather than flip flops or heel shoes ) I get a lot more housework done. Add in a pair of sweatpants and I could work for Merry Maids.

3.If fruit or veggie snacks are the ONLY thing offered to the kids after school they will eventually give in and eat them.  For years I gave in to their cries of starvation and would give them pretzels or bagels and the like because they fought me about the fruit and veggies. Then I'd be mad at dinner when they didn't eat. They still aren't eating my dinners, but at least I know they had fruit or vegetables before and not just a "filler".

4. Make dinner before they get home from school. After school time is crazy enough without having to worry about getting dinner started. We eat at different times every night because of extra-curriculars. I was always throwing snacks at them and starting dinner while they were eating and doing homework. Now, I sit with them and hear about their day and help the little ones get through their homework at a less hectic pace. This is a WAY better system.

5. I nap when my toddler naps. There, I said it. The truth is out. C'mon....you do it too.

6. I can eat a whole can of Pringles in one day. It's really not hard.

 Ok, that about sums it up. Do you have any tips you'd like to share?


  1. I have to agree with you, on allpoints except the napping, because I really don't nap, but I hear they're great!!! And I love my crock pot for dinners before people get home because from 3- 8we are on the run! ( ever check out crockpotgirls.com love it )
    Good for you for making pancakes before school . I've never been that good , though on days off from work, I do feel much more organized !

    and since you mentioned Pringles.. have we ever had them at our sleepover ? we should !

    love you!! see you in a few days !!

  2. My tips:
    1. Lunches and backpacks done the night before.
    2. All paper that comes home in their folders is handled ONCE. I read, answer, recycle or file right away. I don't let paper pile up.
    3. Never go upstairs or downstairs empty-handed. There is always something you can bring up or down that needs to be put away.
    4. Never let the kids get out of the car empty-handed, otherwise the garbage and empty drinks just pile up.
    Great post, Kathleen!

  3. When Trevor napped, you can bet I was snoozin! Oh, and the Pringles... yeah. I have one to add to your pancakes -- because, our mornings can be just as hectic -- once every 2 or 3 weeks, I make a HUGE batch of pancakes on a Sat. or Sun. Then I freeze them between sheets of wax paper. Presto! Any day of the week, the kids love it that they get "fresh, homemade pancakes!".... : )

  4. I agree with Jen, this is a great post. Even though my kid is an adult I know the one about the sneakers works for me too!! FYI...I am NOT a Pringles lover!

  5. Your tips and the additional comment tips are all key for me because multiple-tasking is not one of my strong points. Yes to prinkles and to get pancakes at my house we have to be at McD's by 10:59. Ha! Nice Blog !

  6. I am only collecting tips since my son started school last month & September was a DISASTER!!!! I can't believe the state of my house! I am slowly regaining control!

    Check out FLYLADY.com. She recommends getting dressed with "Tie-up" shoes before you start your cleaning (&your day). It really makes a difference!