Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everyday Happenings

~  The moms group I attend did a household item auction.  We brought in items from home we didn't want anymore and auctioned them off to each other. (a great way to get a jump start on Spring cleaning.)  The bidding started at 50 cents.  Imagine my surprise when the first item up for bid was a set of 4 glasses with a logo that was very familiar to me.  It was the famous basket  logo from the Merion Golf Club, a very swanky place near to where I grew up. (and is scheduled to host the 2013 U.S. Open)  I even worked there one summer too.  They look like this.

I got them for 50 cents.  I can't imagine why no one else wanted them!  What a find. 

~  My friend Mary Alice tipped me off about these delicious chips from Hershey.  I think the possibilities are endless, but as of right now, they make THE BEST cinnamon pancakes.

I think I'll try making the cookies next.  I know I won't be sorry.

~  I spent two hours last night trying to create a new header on the blog. I was using Picasa and it took me forever, but I was happy with the result.  When it came time to upload it onto my blog it wouldn't let me. I cannot tell you how frustrated I was.  It flashed up there some mumbo jumbo about reaching my uploading quota.  If it had worked it would have looked like this at the top of my blog. 

Maybe I'll figure it out and you'll see it up at the top at some point.

~  We had some deja vu at Wegman's today. Something in the air there must make him sleepy.  Honestly, it was before noon!  

Don't sleep and drive.
 I hope you are all having a good week!


  1. Where did you FIND Hershey's cinnamon chips? I used to find them all the time, but I haven't seen them since I moved here! Put some in oatmeal cookies...they are fabulous.

    Love the household auction thing...sounds like fun.

  2. Ah the golf club...ahhh the memories!
    Do you remember pulling into the reserved parking lot of the Amateur tornament with my Swinger? I think you drov ethe rest of the week because the rabbit was better

  3. I love the butterscotch chips, but will have to try the cinnamon ones now!