Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Idea

If you have young children you may have noticed that Valentine's Day is becoming more like Halloween with respect to candy.  My kids come home from school with oodles of candy.  They no longer are interested in reading the cutsie messages wondering if Spiderman really is "Swinging by to say hi" or if the princess really wants you to "Be mine."

Well, I try to not fall into that trap of  giving out candy. Part lazy-part cheap.  I went to the dollar store and got XMen and Barbie boxes for Tommy and Ann, complete with stickers or tattoos.  They seemed fine with that. Done.

Now Mary Kate on the other hand wanted to exchange too.  Her teacher sent home the class list of names.  Not sure how necessary it is for 5th graders but.....
So I searched the internet for ideas. I found this really cool site called Living Locurto.  It has this great printout for an iphone wrapped around a box of Brach's Conversation Hearts candy.  Yes, I gave in to the candy.  It was too cute not to.

If you're in need of last minute Valentines this is an easy one.  The hardest part was finding Brach's brand specifically.  Apparently the other boxes won't fit the printable. We went to 3 stores before we found them at the Giant grocery store.  Mary Kate cut each one and glued them on, needing no help from me.
Bless her little heart.

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