Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Piano Updates

Billy, Tommy, and Mary Kate were quite the performers this past week!  Last Tuesday night they were invited to play piano at a local nursing home along with their fellow piano students.  Billy and Mary Kate did this back in December, but this was Tommy's first public performance.  He was superb!  Not too shabby for having only one month of lessons so far!  I was more nervous than he was.  As you can imagine, a nursing home can be a little scary for children.  There was one resident who kept asking the kids to repeat the name of the songs they were playing because he couldn't hear them well.  He wasn't trying to be difficult, but his loud voice made it a bit scary.  They all took it in stride and put on a great performance.  The audience loved it!

On the way home I asked them about the positives from the night.  They all said the juice and cupcakes that were served were the only positives they could think of.  I reminded them of the joy they brought to the people there.  Plus, the experience of performing in front of others can boost their confidence levels.  They still think the cupcakes won over all of that.  Does anything I say sink in?

On Sunday the three of them performed at the local mall.  The Hannah Young Play a Thon is a fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association.  They played for about five minutes each.  A bit nerve-wracking if you ask me....there's a lot of people walking by and a lot of distractions.  I'm pretty sure I'd be a mess if I had to do it.

Great job kiddos!  We are so proud of you.
A special shout out to Ms. Renee.  Thanks for all you do!


  1. Wow! What wonderful accomplishments and contributions to the lives of others! We will have to have our own party where we can hear them each play! Congrats to the parents too who enabled them to be so talented and generous! xo

  2. Awesome, Kathleen!!!

  3. I am so very proud of all 3 of your children for their terrific performances last week. I love how each of them work so hard at the piano. I love how each of them seem to be motivated differently.

    I must admit that I am amused to see how the years of waiting on the piano "sidelines" has prepared Thomas & how he will not be outdone by Billy or Mary. His confidence is admirable!

    Mary is the most poised student I have ever worked with. She simply smiles through it all! I think the Play A Thon is very difficult to play with all of those distractions - not Mary! She just keeps smiling.

    Billy's drive and determination is amazing! He always has his eye on a goal & he reaches his goal every time all while setting new goals!

    Bill & Kathleen, I am blessed and honored to work with your children. I simply hope they remember me someday when they are rich & famous in their careers - whatever careers they choose! I know each of them will go very far in this great big world!

    Musically yours,


  4. another example of how you make being a mom look so easy!! What great kids !!! I love them!! You're doing a great job, my dear sister !!
    love you !!!!

  5. I'm so proud of all of them and I'm jellin (slang for jealous) of their abilitiies. Take it from me who regretably quit piano in 3rd grade because I didn't like the teacher compared to my 2nd grade teacher who I loved- Ms Renee is a Huge piece of creating that envirmont of passion for music. No doubt. Great blog ! Uncle John

  6. It is up to you, Kathleen, to continue to show them that their music has value and purpose far beyond what they can conceive at this point. Being able to play an instrument is such a gift. It is something I would like to achieve in my adulthood in the not-too-distant-future. Great job, kids! You look amazing!