Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Wine

Bill and I are part of a family prayer group.  It consists of 9 couples and their children. We meet each month at someone's home.  It can be crazy because there are 31 children ranging in age from 23 to 3 years old. During our meetings we sit and share our prayer intentions and then say the rosary.  It has been something I look forward to each month.

Once a year, one of the couples invites us to their home for an "adults only" dinner  party.  John and Mary are wonderful cooks and have a great knowledge of wine.  This past Saturday night we went to their house and enjoyed a wine and food pairing. 
 ***Warning*** These pictures may make you hungry.

Parmasen Toasted Rounds
French Onion Soup
Rigatoni Bolognase
Creme Brulee
A lot of work went into this night.  John and Mary gave us all a fun and relaxing night.
Matt and Tracy

Sam and Barb
Jeff and Vicky
Michael and Donnalee
Mike and Beth
And our host and hostess for the night.....

John and Mary

Our friends Jason and Mary were in Disney so they couldn't make it. We missed you two and also Amy who was sick :( 

My date (Bill) is finishing up his month away for work.  We all missed you, but I missed you the most!

Thanks for a great night John and Mary!  


  1. It was certainly a fun time for us!! I can't get Blogger to work so my post will be delayed...

  2. I am glad that you had such a good time! xo