Monday, February 6, 2012

Task Oriented Kid

Billy has his morning routine down pat.  He sets his alarm, but most days he's already awake and halfway down the bunk ladder before the chimes ring.  He's dressed in no time flat.  Next he walks downstairs to the dining room, checks to make sure he's got his books, gets his lunch, and places his backpack on the couch.  You would think breakfast would be next, but no.  He puts his coat and hat on first.  Yes, he eats breakfast with his coat and hat on.  This is what he looks like.

He was tired from watching the Super Bowl the night before.  And all he wants is to finish breakfast so he can watch 5 minutes of ESPN before the bus.  Most mornings it's just the two of us awake during this time.  He doesn't say  much, but that time is special for me. 

You're a cool kid Billy.


  1. I like that he gets up and dressed on his own - w/o having to be woke up multiple times!

  2. Our boys do that too Kathleen - I thought they were trying to give me the hint to turn up the heat...Beth